“If you’ve lost teeth, implants provide the foundation for a permanent and natural-looking alternative.”

“I believe my job as a dentist is not to make dentures, but to provide therapy that will restore your teeth – making them strong and beautiful, as nature intended.”
Jörg Gerndt

Strong roots give us a strong sense of security. This applies to life in general, but also to our teeth. That’s why implants represent the optimal solution for restoring a full set of teeth and an attractive smile. These artificial roots mimic nature to prevent jaw bone loss where you no longer have your own dental roots. Any type of denture can be affixed securely with the help of durable, biocompatible implants.
 A single gap can be closed without grinding healthy adjacent teeth, for example, and wobbly dentures can be secured by firmly anchored dental implants.

“I have to count my teeth to figure out which one’s my dental implant. Since I’ve had the crown fitted, it feels like one of my own!”
Sarah S.

Whether you need a single tooth replaced, large gaps filled, or even a solution for your entire set of teeth, dental implants are just as durable as natural teeth and can last a lifetime with proper care.

“The perfect smile”

Who wouldn’t like to have a perfect smile? In many cases, even minor treatment – such as removing coffee, tea, or nicotine stains – can deliver brilliant results (see Preventive Dentistry). Using various bleaching methods, we can ensure that you’ll be able to smile with confidence again. Modern porcelain and composite bonding enable us to give your own teeth or your new dentures a perfectly natural look. We can straighten your teeth and close gaps using short and inconspicuous orthodontic treatments or by applying ultra-thin porcelain veneers in minimally invasive procedures. There’s more to a perfect smile than perfect teeth, however – gum contours also play a big part. If your gums have receded considerably around individual teeth, we can perform minor periodontal surgery to even them out and rebuild gum tissue. Before starting any cosmetic reconstruction, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your needs and perform an aesthetic analysis.

“Strong teeth – a fundamental part of enjoying life with confidence”

Missing teeth should be replaced as quickly as possible – to restore your smile and your ability to chew properly, of course, but also to avoid complications later on. If one is missing, for example, adjacent or opposing teeth can easily incline or move, bone loss can occur, jaw problems can develop, and your face can even become asymmetrical. In our own certified dental laboratory, we can make strong, attractive dentures just for you. Our production processes always feature certified biocompatible materials and the highest standards of quality.


“The best dentures are the ones you neither see nor feel.”

Jörg Gerndt

“Straight teeth”

– for children, teenagers, and adults

Patients of any age can have their teeth repositioned. In addition to treating children and teenagers, we specialize in integrated dental care for adults.

There are many reasons why orthodontic treatment may be required. These include minor or major tooth or jaw misalignment, missing teeth, cosmetic corrections, an incorrect bite, TMJ disorders, tooth straightening before receiving implants or dentures, or a combination of these factors.
Here, the therapy involves either removable braces or fixed orthodontic brackets.

Since our practice focuses on implant dentistry, we can perform these treatments quickly using orthodontic – or intraosseous – screws. This modern procedure gives you access to smaller braces that achieve faster results, which reduces the length and cost of the treatment.

People who lead busy lives want to complete the treatment as quickly as possible, preferably with invisible porcelain brackets or transparent braces. We’ll be happy to explain the different options available during your own personal consultation. For examples of our work, please take a look at our “case studies” page.

Even if you’re already receiving dental treatment elsewhere, we would be pleased to meet your orthodontic needs at our practice.

“Feel at ease at the dentist”

Not exactly looking forward to your next dentist appointment is fairly common, but some people are genuinely afraid – they suffer from dental phobia. We do our very best to assuage these patients’ fears while meeting their dental needs.

We take the time to get to know you well: We perform the required dental examinations at your initial appointment, and during the consultation that follows, we decide what treatment is necessary in accordance with your needs.

You can then relax during the treatment itself. In many cases, the atmosphere of trust at our practice is already enough to help procedures succeed. Many patients also find it reassuring to know that they can stop the session at any point. We’ll do everything in our power to make your treatment as painless as possible, of course; you can also be partially or fully sedated for more complicated procedures. Our experienced anesthetist, Dr. Aders, comes to the practice in these instances.

“It’s all about the bite”

Do you often have a headache in the morning? 
Does your jaw crack when you eat or yawn?
 Has your partner ever said that you grind your teeth at night?

We all need to grit our teeth every now and then – but really, our teeth are there for chewing...

Besides causing considerable pain, frequent clenching or grinding can also damage your teeth, dentures, tooth-supporting structures, muscles of mastication, and jaw.


Missing or inclined teeth; poorly fitting or worn dentures; or mouth, teeth, and jaw irregularities are – along with stress – common causes of what doctors call “temporomandibular joint disorder,” or TMJ disorder.
 To determine the best treatment for you, we first need to get to the root of the problem. We’ll identify any abnormal changes in your mouth, teeth, and jaw using methods to diagnose oral malfunction and then start a suitable course of treatment. Our diagnostic methods enable us to pinpoint problem areas and provide the exact care you need. 

“Resist the beginnings!” – Ovid. The Romans knew what they were talking about..

Don’t wait until that tooth starts wobbling. If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth or are red and swollen, you’re probably suffering from gingivitis.
 Although unpleasant, this infection is relatively harmless in its early stages. It can soon develop into periodontal disease, however, which affects all the tooth-supporting structures. 
If left untreated, it can lead to receding gums, bone loss, and loose teeth. Once things get that bad, even the healthiest of teeth hardly stand a chance.
 In particular, people on regular hormone therapy, smokers, prosthesis users, people with diabetes, and others who suffer from chronic generalized diseases should pay special attention to their gums.



But what should you do if your gums start receding or bleed when you brush them? At our practice, retaining or repairing your existing tooth-supporting structures and keeping your teeth in good working order are the top priorities. Our professional treatment will give you your bite back in no time!

“Tooth restoration as nature intended”.

We repair small cavities, remove unattractive stains, and eradicate incipient damage to your teeth with modern and gentle methods that leave absolutely no trace.

Time catches up with all of us eventually, and our teeth often show the first signs. Even children can have small fissures in their teeth, which have to be protected by sealants. If tooth decay has already set in, immediate systematic treatment is a must. The fillings we use are made of biocompatible and aesthetically optimized materials tailored to your individual needs.

“Nothing is as good as your own healthy teeth”

We all know the old sayings “good health begins in the mouth” and “prevention is better than cure.” This is where preventive dentistry comes in – and not only because we don’t want tooth decay or inflammation of the gums. Did you know, for example, that people with periodontitis are more likely to have a heart attack or a stroke? Being proactive about your health is the most important way to avoid serious issues, which is why we make preventive dentistry easy and stress-free for you.
 Our dental practice even has its own preventive dentistry department, which will draw up an individual dental care concept for you in line with the applicable medical requirements.

Professional dental cleaning every six months

Even if you clean your teeth regularly, diligent brushing has its limitations; not all deposits can be removed through day-to-day tooth care at home. That’s why we recommend undergoing professional cleaning with polish and fluoride treatment at your six-month checkups. The result is much more than good-looking teeth and personal well-being: Teeth that are professionally cleaned on a regular basis have smooth, protected surfaces where dangerous bacteria don’t have a chance, which greatly reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease.