Some examples from our work.

All the following patients were treated at our practice. The dentures and implants were produced in our in-house dental laboratory.

Bleaching and veneers
vorher - nach | Bleaching und Veneers

This patient came to us hoping to have the shape and color of her anterior teeth improved. 
Our team used bleaching and minimally invasive porcelain veneers to give her back her attractive smile.

Harmony in red and white

This patient was unhappy with her stained and inclined anterior teeth. 
By evening out her gum contours and inserting double veneers on her central incisors, we transformed her teeth – and her overall appearance. 

Crowns and veneers

This patient’s stained and heavily filled teeth had been bothering her for many years. 
Using implants with full porcelain crowns and veneers, we succeeded in restoring her friendly smile.

Balanced gum contours and veneers

This young patient had been troubled by the gaps between her teeth and her receding gums for some time. When she came to us, her teeth were already at risk of being lost.
 After orthodontic pretreatment, we reconstructed her gums and added full porcelain veneers. The patient is highly satisfied with the results – and we’re glad we helped her keep her own teeth!


In this case, the issue was quite obvious: The patient’s teeth had been shattered in an accident. 
At our practice, we inserted two implants and worked with our dental technicians to reconstruct the teeth in their original form. We also applied veneers to the other incisors.

Loss of front tooth

This young patient came to us with an infected front tooth that had resulted from a childhood accident. 
After determining that the tooth was beyond saving, we decided on a minimally invasive treatment using a single implant with a full porcelain crown. The adjacent teeth were preserved undamaged.

Aesthetic improvement using bleaching and full porcelain crown

This patient had asked her usual dentist about her heavily stained cuspid a number of times. 
We understood her concern and set her mind at ease using bleaching and a full porcelain crown.

Veneers (including prepless variants)

The same patient also suffered from stained and short front teeth, but was against having them reshaped. 
Thanks to ultra-thin (0.3mm) veneers, we managed to meet this request, as well.  

Receded gums and rotated cuspid

In this case, the gums had receded severely and the teeth had become sensitive. Using a special regenerative technique, we succeeded in lifting the gum line and strengthening the gums. The rotated cuspid was reshaped with a veneer.

Orthodontics and periodontitis

Gaps had developed between this patient’s teeth due to periodontitis. 
After successfully treating the periodontitis, we closed the gaps using transparent Invisalign braces. A complete cure and correction – naturally!

Implants and full porcelain crowns

After wearing her removable dentures for years, this patient came to us with gaps and stains that were plain to see.
 Thanks to implants and full ceramic crowns, she now has her bite back – and her teeth look great.

Prepless veneers

Due to a congenital enamel defect, this patient had very thin, rough, and stained incisors. We applied ultra-thin individual veneers to the teeth without having to file them down. The result is natural and attractive.

Bleaching and veneers

This patient had overlapping front teeth and a middle incisor with a stained synthetic veneer. She wasn’t happy with the way they looked, so our team used bleaching and four porcelain veneers to restore the harmony of her anterior teeth.

Feeling 10 years younger

This patient was unhappy because her dentures were too short and her lip wasn’t getting enough support. 
We reconstructed her smile by repositioning each tooth on fixed implants. Her lip is now fully supported again, which makes her mouth look fuller. The patient feels 10 years younger!

Implants and porcelain crowns

This patient’s crowns were heavily stained and worn. Through modern bone reconstruction, we were able to insert implants and provide a full porcelain solution with a firm bite. Her teeth now look fantastic and she can chew comfortably, too.

Porcelain crowns

This patient asked us to remove the black edges on her old crowns. We improved the appearance of her teeth using porcelain crowns, which have a very natural shine.

Exposed tooth roots – gum grafting

After years of gum recession, the root of this patient’s cuspid was noticeably exposed and severely worn. By shaping the root and performing gum grafting, we achieved a resilient and aesthetically pleasing result.  

Dry mouth and tooth decay

This patient’s teeth were decaying and had required repeated filling due to dry mouth (xerostomia), a side effect of medication she had taken. 
We provided her with an attractive, long-term solution using integrated full porcelain crowns.

Black triangles and stained teeth

The aesthetic flaw at the front of this patient’s mouth was so apparent that she didn’t feel much like laughing anymore. 
We succeeded in removing the black triangles between her teeth and the stains using bleaching and recontouring with veneers and porcelain crowns. Guess who’s learned to laugh again?

Black edges, dark gaps, ground-down teeth

In this case, the old porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns were too short, the gaps between the teeth were very dark, and the gums had a black sheen. Working together, our dentist and dental technician used full porcelain crowns with individual lamination to reconstruct the teeth to their original size and close the dark gaps. The gums also regained their youthful color.

Ground-down, different-colored tee

The patient came to us with clicking and pain in her jaw. Her teeth were heavily ground down and her jaw had dropped. 
In addition to eliminating the pain by repositioning her jaw, we restored her smile with full porcelain crowns and veneers.

Black gaps and a dark incisor

Misalignment and periodontitis had led to large, dark gaps between this patient’s teeth. One lateral incisor was also much darker, and our young patient was generally unhappy with her teeth. 
We whitened the dark tooth in a single appointment and closed the gaps with composite bonding.

Black incisor with visible black root

This patient came to us looking for a whiter lateral incisor. 
We met his request by giving him an individual full-porcelain implant and an individually laminated porcelain crown.

A real challenge

The patient came to our practice with serious gum issues and considerable aesthetic deficiencies. She wanted to smile again and chew without pain.
 With our help, she’s showing off that healthy grin and taking big bites again!

Closing the gaps

This young patient was referred to us by an orthodontist, who consulted us about his teeth being too small for his jaw. The obvious gaps really bothered the patient, so we closed them by using composite bonding to broaden the teeth. This is a very gentle, non-invasive technique involving no enamel removal.